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Memberships are only required for shows at the Geomatic Attic. They are not required for shows at other venues such as Southminster United Church, U of L Theatres, The Yates Memorial Theatre and Chinook High School Theatre. If you don’t have a membership, you can click here and add one to your cart. Membership cards will need to be presented at the door if you buy a member ticket, or you will need to buy a membership at the door.

You can pick up your membership card at the venue the night of the show with your purchased tickets.

Membership Fees

Yearly membership is $10, lifetime is $25. Only the purchaser needs a membership.

Non-member Tickets

Non-member tickets are available through the website at the same cost as tickets purchased at the door. Non-member purchased tickets are $5 more than member purchased tickets.

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1 Year, Lifetime